Mine Managers (Diamond Lake)

Mine Managers (Diamond Lake)

In the small mining town of Diamond Lake, where desperate folk toil in lightless depths for a pittance whole corrupt mine managers live in relative largesse, ruthlessly scheming to undermine one another and protect their price of the action. 

Balabar Smenk - Human Male

  • Owner of 4 mines
Chaum Gansworth - Human Male

  • Youngest mine owner
Ellival Moonmeadow - Elf Male
  • Known as "The Prince"
  • From Celene
Gelch Tilgast - Human Male
  • One of the oldest mine managers
Luzane Parrin - Human Female
  • Husband died mysteriously 2 years ago
  • In relationship with Chaum Gansworth
Ragnolin Dourstone - Dwarf Male
  • From the halls of the dwarven stronghold of Greysmere

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  1. Gee I don't know why but a lot of the mines supplies go missing from time to time. Then Management has to buy them back at 2x the price. So sayeth Bojen