Thursday, December 22, 2022

Info Gathered from Filge

The Green worm

Session 11 - To the mines?

 Patchwell 19

Cloudy light rain warmish

After the observatory, the group splits up separate ways, two going to research the findings from the observatory, and the others head to the feral dog for drinks.

Filge makes contact to offer assistance into exploration of the mind. 

What happens next....

Sumo, the "henchmen" chops off the clerics head. "Why are you pouring oil on my master?"

Covered in oil, Filge asks if he can take the body. 

<Regardless of answer>

 I'll see you guys next time - I have to get all this oil off of me. 

See you later"

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Session 10 - The Observatory pt.2

 Patchwell 19

Information gathered:
<add info here>


600 GP

Plate +1

Healing potion

Diminution potion

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Session 9 - The Observatory pt.1

 Patchwell 19

The group heads to the observatory to follow the trail of the wheelbarrow - "why were the bodies dug up and delivered here"


Unknown Undead in the tool closet

3 Skeletons wielding crossbows (Exhumed skeletons)

9 Zombies (dinner guests)

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Session 6 - Kullen's Gang and the mystery of the bones - Zosiel Speaks.

Patchwell 18 CY 625 

Skutch (the dead gang member) is loaded on the mule and taken for burial at the church of St. Cuthbert.

Group discusses how to get info from Kullens group as to why they dug up the bones.

They come up with a plan to infiltrate Kullens group at the Feral Dog, which consists of Tangerine Dean bringing the tatoo'd arm back to Kullens group. The initial plan does not prove successful.
Plan B -  Dirty Dale overhears some details about the Observatory and a person named Filge who is living there.
At this point in time, Dorian and Dirty Dale are completely drunk.

This crumbling abandoned observatory once housed an order of monks obsessed with the heavenly bodies of the nighttime sky. Now it houses a constantly rotating group of unusual tenants with ties to Balabar Smenk.

<Insert Box text for Observatory>
Just outside of Diamond Lake, on a bluff overlooking an abandoned mine, sits a crumbling old observatory. A wide slit bisects its domed tower, where a great telescope likely once peered into eternity. The companions understand that a monastic order once studied the heavens from this site, although the sect died out decades ago. A one story extension, perhaps a dormitory where the monks once lived, extends from the central tower. Now the place appears like an old tenement building, weather battered and broken. A slim stairway cut into the steep hillside leads to the structure’s only door. Flickering light filters through the observatory’s windows along the tower’s second and third floors.

The companions hastily make their way to the bottom of the staircase. The steps, hewed into the stone, lead to a wide landing and two huge wooden doors. Shot through with dark blue mold, the doors form an enormous moon carved with a jabbering face. Beneath the landing, an unremarkable wooden door appears to lead to a tool shed. The group investigates the wooden door in hopes of finding a cellar, and potentially an alternative to entering the building through the front door.

Although the wooden door is locked, the mechanism is no match for Dorian. The portal is opened quietly to reveal a grubby tool closet. Upon entering, a tiny creature perks up in the corner of the room, its body composed of bone shards, matted hair, bits of what appear to be shattered tombstone, and rotting mismatched teeth. The creature moves quickly towards the door, which the companions bar to prevent escape. The creature proves a difficult opponent, dodging supernaturally around sword thrusts.

Dorian the drunk fighter falls after getting hit by the creature. Flyric also is hit which he brushes off.

The group decides to flee and call it a night back at the tavern, Able Carter Coaching Inn which charges 1GP per night.

Next Morning

 Patchwell 19 CY 625


 The group decides to go back to the Whispering Cairn to finish business.


 They come to the final tomb and are confronted by the Wind Guardians

 <Insert Image>


A parlay helps them to skip confrontation and enter Zosiel tomb. After answering a couple questions Zosiel grants the Amulet to Senegal to continue the fight against chaos.



1500 Amulet

200 Wind Dukes

50 Bar strategy

Amulet/Circlet +2 Wisdom

(2) Slightly curved black horns with red tips

(1) pewter box inscribed with alien, writhing letterforms (glyphs identified as those of the Queen of Chaos)

p.36 issue 124

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Session 5: The Land Farmstead

 The Land Farmstead

A copse of immense deklo trees shades a small, quiet clearing just where Alastor said it would be, about 10 minutes east of Diamond Lake. Crumbling walls and a seemingly abandoned farmhouse stand admidst the clearing, the sad ruins of what must once have been Alastor’s home. The dilapidated Land farmstead consists of a crumbled wall and a sagging, unsafe house with broken windows and a sagging roof. Some distance from the decrepit house stand five grave markers.

Open pits yawn from before all five headstones. Piles of fresh dirt and a pair of abandoned shovels suggest that the excavation took place recently, certainly within the week.

Patchwell 18 625 CY

Clear Warm Day

Visit the Land Farmstead

Wounded Black Bear 8hp

Blackheart goes down.

The group finds a severed limb with a tatoo linking it to a ruffian from Balamar Smenks group.

The group buries the bones of Alistor Land and the curse is lifted. (+25 XP for all)

Update from The Free City

After the armies of Lolth fled to the four corne4rs of Oerth, Kilkennard was crowned King of the Free City of Greyhawk - the Domain of Greyhawk. Allied Veluna and Verbobonc. The task of rebuilding was at hand.

Six hundred and sixty six days after the liberation of Lolth, King Kilkennard married a woman from the far east named Zenobia.

Kilkennard has no heirs and has been is a steady state of decline. Some say he is cursed and mutter eastern witchcraft from his queen.

King Kilkennard

Queen Zenobia

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Session Four - The Ghost and the Grell

 Patchwell 17 CY 625

Our group finds the entrance to the final tomb - it is locked and a young ghost can help.

Alistor Land

“I have been here countless decades, punished for abandoning my family in a time of need. Over these years, I have seen explorers like you come and go. The trap in the walls kills most of them, but others have left in humiliation, unable to pass through the far metal door. I am unable to leave the way you came because of my curse, but I am able to push through the far wall. Beyond is a glorious chamber of strange carvings and a pillar of air. And there’s a catch on the other side of the door that opens it without a problem. I’ll trigger it for you if you take my bones from here and bury them with my family on a farmstead east of Diamond Lake. Do this for me, and I will be free. I assure you there is no other way through that door.”

XP 120 each

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Session Three - Death at the Whispering Cairn


The group continues in the cave after dealing with the wolves. 

Further down the hall they meet the Alpha wolf which drops the cleric

The group continues to the chamber of lanterns.

They find a passageway and step on a trap which kills two players: the thief and hobbit.'

The group decides to head back to Diamond Lake to heal and deliver bodies.

The Church of St. Cuthbert raises the cleric. Who will be next?

Elven Bracelet - 100GP to the right buyer

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Side Quest A - Allustan's Lichen


Brewfest CY 625 - Diamond Lake

Eric KohSenegal the Burned1NeutralElf
Eric PotterDirty Dale1NeutralThief
DeanTangerine Dean1NeutralHalfling
JoseBob Helios1Magic-user

Allustan has a need for a particular lichen that grows in a particular cave nearby south of Diamond Lake. The apprentices are sent on this task to recover the precious moss.

The group is surprised by a group of lizardmen on the way to the cave.

Other encounters include:

Zombies and a giant black widow spider.

They return back to Allustans laboratory with the lichen - one step closer to greatness.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Session Two - Diamond Lake

 Patchwell 1 thru 3 - 625 CY

The group spends 2 days in Diamond lake recovering and letting Senegal copy spells in his book.

The adventurers set out on PATCHWELL 3 to head to the Whispering Cairn in the heavy rain.

Our group finally makes it to the Whispering Cairn to investigate.

The Entrance

The broken portal
The wolves lair

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Session One - Journey to the Whispering Cairn (and back)

First day of PATCHWELL 625 CY

The Players:

Eric KohSenegal the Burned1NeutralElf
Eric PotterDirty Dale1NeutralThief
Sammy PotterSlip the Staggering Jr,1NeutralThief
JoshGoodwin Dunesberry1LawfulCleric
DanielFlynic Fastblack1Halfling
DeanTangerine Dean1NeutralHalfling
RyanAlla Rukus1ChaoticHalfling
JoseBob Helios1Magic-user

Our Journey begins with a note a the local tavern looking for adventurers. The invite is to accompany the apprentice Magic-User Bob Helios to the Whispering Cairn.

The group sets out the day after the week long festival of Brewfest - Autumn is here.

Only one hour out of town the hobbits spot a group of 5 lizardmen around the fire cooking a morning meal.

The attack begins with a charge and volley.

Victorious and wealthy.

This was a great first session.


Small chest of 4000 GP

Brooch = 1000 GP

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Session Zero (0) - Character Creation


Eric P
Eric K
Sammy P

and joined later:
Dean B

Using the Mentzer Redbox rules our players rolled characters

Additional character creation:
Dean rolls a halfling with a negative strength adjustment. He will be using ranged weapons.

Additionally, on Sept 6, our very own Pelgrad, rolled up a cleric:
Goodwin Dunesberry Cleric of St. Cuthbert
Male, 18 very skinny lanky lad in Plate Male that seems too large and a shield emboldened with the St. Cuthbert Emblem and a Holy Symbol on a chain around his neck.

Long live St. Cuthbert

Additionally - Ryan (On Sept 8th) rolled up the 3rd Hobbit in the Group - Alla Rukus

Sunday, August 28, 2022


 Since the beginning of history, humanity has measured time in ages. Ages of glory, of Dreams, and even of Great Sorrows mark the human tally of the years, giving a sense of order to the events of past centuries. But one age has yet to occur, an age of darkness, of decay, and of writhing doom. Witty bards and wrathful preachers know it as the Age of Worms, weaving it into the peripheries of their passion plays as a mythic era of destruction that could begin at any time. Astrologers, diviners, and servants of the fates know more. The canniest among them fear that the Age of Worms has already begun.


Idle chatter around the village says that a band of richly dressed adventurers now frequents the taproom of the Feral Dog, Diamond Lake’s most notorious tavern. The confident heroes of the Free City spoke of hard-won battles on their journey to Diamond Lake, and of their intention to explore the long-abandoned Stirgenest Cairn on the lake’s distant southeastern shore. The PCs, being natives of Diamond Lake, know that cairn is o􀈘 explored by the community’s youth, who always find it completely empty of marvels and perfectly harmless.

Not so another cairn within a day’s ride of the village, however. This cairn lies near an iron mine that went dry about 50 years ago, and its owner’s charter apparently elapsed when he died a few years later. Situated thusly in a sort of no-man’s land, the cairn was all but forgotten, its yawning entrance overgrown with weeds and choked with collapsed debris. Rediscovered by a curious teenager three years ago, the cairn has since been a sort of community secret held by Diamond Lake’s youth, who dare each other to disappear into its cyclopean entrance as a test of mettle. Occasionally, when the wind is just right, haunting, almost magical tones emerge from the depths of the forlorn tomb. Those who know of its location call the place the Whispering Cairn.