The small mining town of Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake is a mining town in the Cairn Hills. Situated on the north shore of a lake of the same name, Diamond Lake lies three days ride east of the Free City of Greyhawk.

Realm: Domain of Greyhawk
Size: Small town
Government: Governor-Mayor appointed by Greyhawk's Directing Oligarchy
Alignment: N
Population: 2,200 (595CY)
Races: human 79%, half- elf 8%, dwarf 6%, gnome 3%, elf 2%, halfling 1%, half-orc 1%
Languages: Common
Religions: Saint Cuthbert, Heironeous, Wee Jas
Authority: Lanod Neff (Governor-Mayor), Tolliver, Trask (Captain, Diamond Lake Garrison), Sherriff Cubbin


Diamond Lake is ruled by a governor-mayor appointed by the Directing Oligarchy of Greyhawk. The governor-mayor in 595 CY is Lanod Neff, who has held the office since at least 591 CY.

Most residents in Diamond Lake are either people who have nowhere else to turn or are people who exploit such miserable souls. It's a dark, gritty, and violent town centered on mining and the entertainment of the mine workers.


Diamond Lake was officially founded sometime in the 4th century CY, at the direction of the "mad" archmage Zagig Yragerne, during his stint as Lord Mayor of Greyhawk City.


The town is nestled into the rocky crags of the Cairn Hills on the shore of Diamond Lake. The oldest buildings are gathered near the lakeshore. Regardless of their social class, the town square is a gathering place for all. The main road is called the Vein and bisects the town. Most of Diamond Lakes' business is centered around the Vein and town square.

Notable Inhabitants




Temples & Religious Sites


  • Dourstone Residence
  • Gansworth Residence
  • Moonmeadow Residence
  • Neff Manor
  • Parrin Residence
  • Smenk Residence
  • Tilgast Residence

Taverns & Inns

Other Notable Sites

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Travel via Able Carter Coaching Inn


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