Thursday, September 29, 2022

Side Quest A - Allustan's Lichen


Brewfest CY 625 - Diamond Lake

Eric KohSenegal the Burned1NeutralElf
Eric PotterDirty Dale1NeutralThief
DeanTangerine Dean1NeutralHalfling
JoseBob Helios1Magic-user

Allustan has a need for a particular lichen that grows in a particular cave nearby south of Diamond Lake. The apprentices are sent on this task to recover the precious moss.

The group is surprised by a group of lizardmen on the way to the cave.

Other encounters include:

Zombies and a giant black widow spider.

They return back to Allustans laboratory with the lichen - one step closer to greatness.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Session Two - Diamond Lake

 Patchwell 1 thru 3 - 625 CY

The group spends 2 days in Diamond lake recovering and letting Senegal copy spells in his book.

The adventurers set out on PATCHWELL 3 to head to the Whispering Cairn in the heavy rain.

Our group finally makes it to the Whispering Cairn to investigate.

The Entrance

The broken portal
The wolves lair

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Session One - Journey to the Whispering Cairn (and back)

First day of PATCHWELL 625 CY

The Players:

Eric KohSenegal the Burned1NeutralElf
Eric PotterDirty Dale1NeutralThief
Sammy PotterSlip the Staggering Jr,1NeutralThief
JoshGoodwin Dunesberry1LawfulCleric
DanielFlynic Fastblack1Halfling
DeanTangerine Dean1NeutralHalfling
RyanAlla Rukus1ChaoticHalfling
JoseBob Helios1Magic-user

Our Journey begins with a note a the local tavern looking for adventurers. The invite is to accompany the apprentice Magic-User Bob Helios to the Whispering Cairn.

The group sets out the day after the week long festival of Brewfest - Autumn is here.

Only one hour out of town the hobbits spot a group of 5 lizardmen around the fire cooking a morning meal.

The attack begins with a charge and volley.

Victorious and wealthy.

This was a great first session.


Small chest of 4000 GP

Brooch = 1000 GP

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Session Zero (0) - Character Creation


Eric P
Eric K
Sammy P

and joined later:
Dean B

Using the Mentzer Redbox rules our players rolled characters

Additional character creation:
Dean rolls a halfling with a negative strength adjustment. He will be using ranged weapons.

Additionally, on Sept 6, our very own Pelgrad, rolled up a cleric:
Goodwin Dunesberry Cleric of St. Cuthbert
Male, 18 very skinny lanky lad in Plate Male that seems too large and a shield emboldened with the St. Cuthbert Emblem and a Holy Symbol on a chain around his neck.

Long live St. Cuthbert

Additionally - Ryan (On Sept 8th) rolled up the 3rd Hobbit in the Group - Alla Rukus