Thursday, October 27, 2022

Session 5: The Land Farmstead

 The Land Farmstead

A copse of immense deklo trees shades a small, quiet clearing just where Alastor said it would be, about 10 minutes east of Diamond Lake. Crumbling walls and a seemingly abandoned farmhouse stand admidst the clearing, the sad ruins of what must once have been Alastor’s home. The dilapidated Land farmstead consists of a crumbled wall and a sagging, unsafe house with broken windows and a sagging roof. Some distance from the decrepit house stand five grave markers.

Open pits yawn from before all five headstones. Piles of fresh dirt and a pair of abandoned shovels suggest that the excavation took place recently, certainly within the week.

Patchwell 18 625 CY

Clear Warm Day

Visit the Land Farmstead

Wounded Black Bear 8hp

Blackheart goes down.

The group finds a severed limb with a tatoo linking it to a ruffian from Balamar Smenks group.

The group buries the bones of Alistor Land and the curse is lifted. (+25 XP for all)

Update from The Free City

After the armies of Lolth fled to the four corne4rs of Oerth, Kilkennard was crowned King of the Free City of Greyhawk - the Domain of Greyhawk. Allied Veluna and Verbobonc. The task of rebuilding was at hand.

Six hundred and sixty six days after the liberation of Lolth, King Kilkennard married a woman from the far east named Zenobia.

Kilkennard has no heirs and has been is a steady state of decline. Some say he is cursed and mutter eastern witchcraft from his queen.

King Kilkennard

Queen Zenobia

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Session Four - The Ghost and the Grell

 Patchwell 17 CY 625

Our group finds the entrance to the final tomb - it is locked and a young ghost can help.

Alistor Land

“I have been here countless decades, punished for abandoning my family in a time of need. Over these years, I have seen explorers like you come and go. The trap in the walls kills most of them, but others have left in humiliation, unable to pass through the far metal door. I am unable to leave the way you came because of my curse, but I am able to push through the far wall. Beyond is a glorious chamber of strange carvings and a pillar of air. And there’s a catch on the other side of the door that opens it without a problem. I’ll trigger it for you if you take my bones from here and bury them with my family on a farmstead east of Diamond Lake. Do this for me, and I will be free. I assure you there is no other way through that door.”

XP 120 each

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Session Three - Death at the Whispering Cairn


The group continues in the cave after dealing with the wolves. 

Further down the hall they meet the Alpha wolf which drops the cleric

The group continues to the chamber of lanterns.

They find a passageway and step on a trap which kills two players: the thief and hobbit.'

The group decides to head back to Diamond Lake to heal and deliver bodies.

The Church of St. Cuthbert raises the cleric. Who will be next?

Elven Bracelet - 100GP to the right buyer