Thursday, November 3, 2022

Session 6 - Kullen's Gang and the mystery of the bones - Zosiel Speaks.

Patchwell 18 CY 625 

Skutch (the dead gang member) is loaded on the mule and taken for burial at the church of St. Cuthbert.

Group discusses how to get info from Kullens group as to why they dug up the bones.

They come up with a plan to infiltrate Kullens group at the Feral Dog, which consists of Tangerine Dean bringing the tatoo'd arm back to Kullens group. The initial plan does not prove successful.
Plan B -  Dirty Dale overhears some details about the Observatory and a person named Filge who is living there.
At this point in time, Dorian and Dirty Dale are completely drunk.

This crumbling abandoned observatory once housed an order of monks obsessed with the heavenly bodies of the nighttime sky. Now it houses a constantly rotating group of unusual tenants with ties to Balabar Smenk.

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Just outside of Diamond Lake, on a bluff overlooking an abandoned mine, sits a crumbling old observatory. A wide slit bisects its domed tower, where a great telescope likely once peered into eternity. The companions understand that a monastic order once studied the heavens from this site, although the sect died out decades ago. A one story extension, perhaps a dormitory where the monks once lived, extends from the central tower. Now the place appears like an old tenement building, weather battered and broken. A slim stairway cut into the steep hillside leads to the structure’s only door. Flickering light filters through the observatory’s windows along the tower’s second and third floors.

The companions hastily make their way to the bottom of the staircase. The steps, hewed into the stone, lead to a wide landing and two huge wooden doors. Shot through with dark blue mold, the doors form an enormous moon carved with a jabbering face. Beneath the landing, an unremarkable wooden door appears to lead to a tool shed. The group investigates the wooden door in hopes of finding a cellar, and potentially an alternative to entering the building through the front door.

Although the wooden door is locked, the mechanism is no match for Dorian. The portal is opened quietly to reveal a grubby tool closet. Upon entering, a tiny creature perks up in the corner of the room, its body composed of bone shards, matted hair, bits of what appear to be shattered tombstone, and rotting mismatched teeth. The creature moves quickly towards the door, which the companions bar to prevent escape. The creature proves a difficult opponent, dodging supernaturally around sword thrusts.

Dorian the drunk fighter falls after getting hit by the creature. Flyric also is hit which he brushes off.

The group decides to flee and call it a night back at the tavern, Able Carter Coaching Inn which charges 1GP per night.

Next Morning

 Patchwell 19 CY 625


 The group decides to go back to the Whispering Cairn to finish business.


 They come to the final tomb and are confronted by the Wind Guardians

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A parlay helps them to skip confrontation and enter Zosiel tomb. After answering a couple questions Zosiel grants the Amulet to Senegal to continue the fight against chaos.



1500 Amulet

200 Wind Dukes

50 Bar strategy

Amulet/Circlet +2 Wisdom

(2) Slightly curved black horns with red tips

(1) pewter box inscribed with alien, writhing letterforms (glyphs identified as those of the Queen of Chaos)

p.36 issue 124