Thursday, December 22, 2022

Info Gathered from Filge

The Green worm

Session 11 - To the mines?

 Patchwell 19

Cloudy light rain warmish

After the observatory, the group splits up separate ways, two going to research the findings from the observatory, and the others head to the feral dog for drinks.

Filge makes contact to offer assistance into exploration of the mind. 

What happens next....

Sumo, the "henchmen" chops off the clerics head. "Why are you pouring oil on my master?"

Covered in oil, Filge asks if he can take the body. 

<Regardless of answer>

 I'll see you guys next time - I have to get all this oil off of me. 

See you later"

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Session 10 - The Observatory pt.2

 Patchwell 19

Information gathered:
<add info here>


600 GP

Plate +1

Healing potion

Diminution potion

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Session 9 - The Observatory pt.1

 Patchwell 19

The group heads to the observatory to follow the trail of the wheelbarrow - "why were the bodies dug up and delivered here"


Unknown Undead in the tool closet

3 Skeletons wielding crossbows (Exhumed skeletons)

9 Zombies (dinner guests)