The Church of St. Cuthbert

St. Cuthbert is alive and well in the region, one of the most influential deities because of the recent battle with Lolth. 

Holy Symbol of Saint Cuthbert
The main governing cathedral is in the free city of Greyhawk, presided by the famous High priest, Granite Gundecker.

The cathedral of St. Cuthbert in Verbobonc was was almost destroyed during Lolths occupation which ended in 620 CY. It has been in constant repair for the past 5 years.

Services and Teachings: Services in honor of St. Cuthbert are held every morning at dawn, and twice on Godsday, with the additional service being added at dusk. These services are often conducted in the small, wayside shrines and humble chapels that St. Cuthbert favors. Singing, prayer, recitation of moral tales, and the sharing of simple food (bread, milk, cheese, and gruel) are common activities. On Godsday Eve, the lesser members of the priesthood who tend these shrines can be found collecting donations at the larger places of worship shortly after midday meal has been concluded.

If one of the Faithful needs guidance or advice, small sticks are tossed upon an altar, and their confirmation enables a priest to select which of St. Cuthbert’s Holy Sayings (or combination of Holy Sayings) applies. These Holy Sayings include:

  • Square corners can be pounded smooth.
  • Thick heads are not made of glass.
  • Salvation is better than smart answers.
  • Some good folk can understand only one thing.
  • Enlightenment can penetrate even the helm of iron.
  • Evil, which cannot be removed, must be eliminated.
  • Foolishness can be beaten.
  • Lawful correction lies in a stout billet.
  • Capricious behavior brings knots to the heads of those lacking wisdom.
  • Preach quietly, but have a large cudgel handy.

Worship of St. Cuthbert is the fastest growing religion in Central Flanaess. It has a strong backing from the City of Greyhawk to Veluna and from Furyondy to Celene, where temples and shrines are commonplace. In the land of Verbobonc, known for the Temple of Elemental Evil and where evil has gained a foothold in the past, the Stalwart Cudgellers patrol and protect the innocent with an unwavering zeal. Through the tireless efforts of the Church of St. Cuthbert, the viscounty has accepted it as the state-favored religion.

Cathedral of Diamond Lake

Bishop - Jierian Wierus (Lawful Male Human Cleric 7)

  • A bombastic orator and lead priest of Diamond Lake, whose populist rants appeal to the best virtues and values of the common man, while at the same time preying upon their fears and superstitions.

Priest - Hameneezer (Lawful Male Human Cleric 3)

  • A hard working cleric who manages the day to day affairs of the church facility.


3 times a week

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  1. Some of us residents of Diamond Lake only pay the minimalist respect to Olde Cuthbert so sayeth Bojen