Thursday, September 15, 2022

Session One - Journey to the Whispering Cairn (and back)

First day of PATCHWELL 625 CY

The Players:

Eric KohSenegal the Burned1NeutralElf
Eric PotterDirty Dale1NeutralThief
Sammy PotterSlip the Staggering Jr,1NeutralThief
JoshGoodwin Dunesberry1LawfulCleric
DanielFlynic Fastblack1Halfling
DeanTangerine Dean1NeutralHalfling
RyanAlla Rukus1ChaoticHalfling
JoseBob Helios1Magic-user

Our Journey begins with a note a the local tavern looking for adventurers. The invite is to accompany the apprentice Magic-User Bob Helios to the Whispering Cairn.

The group sets out the day after the week long festival of Brewfest - Autumn is here.

Only one hour out of town the hobbits spot a group of 5 lizardmen around the fire cooking a morning meal.

The attack begins with a charge and volley.

Victorious and wealthy.

This was a great first session.


Small chest of 4000 GP

Brooch = 1000 GP

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