Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Session Four - The Ghost and the Grell

 Patchwell 17 CY 625

Our group finds the entrance to the final tomb - it is locked and a young ghost can help.

Alistor Land

“I have been here countless decades, punished for abandoning my family in a time of need. Over these years, I have seen explorers like you come and go. The trap in the walls kills most of them, but others have left in humiliation, unable to pass through the far metal door. I am unable to leave the way you came because of my curse, but I am able to push through the far wall. Beyond is a glorious chamber of strange carvings and a pillar of air. And there’s a catch on the other side of the door that opens it without a problem. I’ll trigger it for you if you take my bones from here and bury them with my family on a farmstead east of Diamond Lake. Do this for me, and I will be free. I assure you there is no other way through that door.”

XP 120 each

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