Thursday, April 6, 2023

Session 24 - The Labyrinth of Vecna

 Ready'reat 15

When does DD wake up?

Sunsebb 1

The group enters the temple of Vecna and 2 Acolytes unleash an undead horror. 

Our group enters a storage room packed with boxes of goods from Balabar Smenk
A battle with the faceless one ends with him escaping to corrupt another day.

They find a cypher that translates the following text.

One the alter a ceremonial dagger is found and given to the church of St, Cuthbert (Diamond Lake)
They melt it down and create a better holy symbol for Pious Peter.

Ready'reat 17

After two days the group goes back to the mines and enters the West caverns of Ethermul (the third of the Ebon Triad)

They are attacked by Cavemen who kill Senegal the Burned

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  1. I lead the way as we continue through the labyrinth with the mage at me back. Rounding a turn through the crags we sees two robed figures ahead and scatter a'hind cover. Missils fly as I's meet one with me hammer and no sooner as he leaks on the Stone do they evaporate like steam! After gathering ourselves and a bit more looking we meets their boss with a masked face and a long wind. Ol'Maskie conjured up a giant centipede and animated a skeletons I launch at him with all me might, but the steam twins intervene. So I'm goes at them naturally! Haha! We slayed the lot of them so fast I lost track and just as fast Ol'Maskie teleported away...
    We eventually made our way back to town and after a spell decided to venture to the last chamber of the Triad.