Thursday, December 22, 2022

Session 11 - To the mines?

 Patchwell 19

Cloudy light rain warmish

After the observatory, the group splits up separate ways, two going to research the findings from the observatory, and the others head to the feral dog for drinks.

Filge makes contact to offer assistance into exploration of the mind. 

What happens next....

Sumo, the "henchmen" chops off the clerics head. "Why are you pouring oil on my master?"

Covered in oil, Filge asks if he can take the body. 

<Regardless of answer>

 I'll see you guys next time - I have to get all this oil off of me. 

See you later"


  1. Looking hard at Sumo I gather the clerics head....."these remains belong at his temple" I say aloud.

    1. Very Lawful of you! The temple will appreciate the sentiment. After he is laid to rest, the clerics ashes may be used a a holy relic.

  2. Senegal sat in the pews of the church and started to feel the tell tale itch of boredom under his chin, where his mask started covering his face. Although it was strange, the magical fire had created some interesting effects. Most people just paced or squirmed or smoked. He itched. Not strong, mind you, but boredom triggered it.

    According to the priest, the funeral would be done over a week's time, as the cleric had died in battle and had earned a hero's vigil. Shit. It was going to be a week before they could make it to the dwarven mine to investigate what was going on. Allustan would be more than happy to have them investigate, though. Whatever affected mining was of interest to everyone in town. But in the meantime he would have to listen to the wailing funeral dirges of St. Cuthbert. Somehow he wondered how the cleric had finagled the big vigil. How could he possibly deserve a week of this wailing music? It was the worst possible abuse of a bagpipe known to the world. Ah well, soon enough they would no doubt face death. One week's delay was of little consequence.

  3. Hex Bloodmoon
    Hex's hands began to tremble as he looked down at the headless corpse of the servant of St. Cuthbert. Certainly a priest of action, certainly a brave priest, certainly a priest of conviction. Certainly quite dead. Hex was anxious. The powerful necromancer Filge was afraid to go into the mines alone. If the mage feared to tread into the bowels of these mountains shouldn't he too be afraid. The funeral put Hex in a dark and brooding mood. He wondered about his cursed soul. The hex of the bloodmoon the brothers at the monestary called it. Was redemption possible . . . . and if so how???