Thursday, December 22, 2022

Info Gathered from Filge

The Green worm


  1. Senegal stood over the body of the cleric in a state of shock. He was dead. Again. Shit. The over under on finishing the new Rectory at his expense was getting worse and worse. He could practically hear the odds changing by the moment.
    For some reason, he was reminded of his master teacher saying something about adventurers and how keeping them focused on the big things was a lot like herding cats.

    1. It is impossible to herd cats unless you have food.

  2. Hex stared at the blood soaked ground and his hands began to once again shake. Damn! not another one. Since joining this band of hearty adventurers less than a week ago he has seen more death than all his life of full moons put together. Going into this mine to fight zombies which are unkillable - maybe that's the wrong word . . . aren't the dead unkillable because they are already dead . . . gives me a bad bad feeling.