Thursday, February 16, 2023

Session 18 - The Cairn of the Red Pearl (Part 4)

   CY 625

Patchwell 27
Early afternoon 
Clear skies

Inside the Cairn

Dirty Dale
The dwarves
Tangerine Dean

Our group found a secret passage in the spiral staircase. It appeared to be the escape route for the shaman. They make through a slide/pit trap and make it to a room guarded by more cavemen.


  1. Flynric Fastblade Halfling Swordmaster: Previous session: After chasing the shaman from the strange temple with what must have been at least 10,000 copper we followed a secret staircase that led to a large cavern below, exploring it for a bit we encountered a rushing river and a mushroom forest with a lake beyond it. Exploring the mushroom forest we found 2 screeching females with wings, their call put 2 of the group into a trance and they went straight for a small island across the lake as soon as they hit the water their lantern went out. Fearing the creatures in the dark, I smashed a flask of oil on the ground and quickly began to light it with my tinderbox. Moments later as I got it lit as the creatures swooped in and attacked dealing massive blows. We were able to kill them all off and found some treasure including a magic sword that Smokey got.

    Flynric Fastblade Halfling HERO:
    This session: As we felt we may have lost the direction the shaman went, we back tracked up the spiral staircase and the dwarves working together with my lantern were able to find a blood trail that lead to a sliding door panel. Its been at least 4 hours since we last saw the shaman so he could be anywhere by now. We followed it till the pathway came to a T junction. Up ahead someone said they found a secret door (ill have to take their word for it as I couldn't see it. We stacked on the secret door and as they slid it open we herd a 'TWANG' as the ground shifted and everyone fell down a sliding passage to the right. I readied my bow and as the door opened my lantern that I placed on the ground near me shown into the room and 6 figures that looked like cavemen with spear and hallow eye sockets I was read to release an arrow as Shen shut the door, but not before 6 spears came through, I was able to dodge most of them but 2 struck me squarely. Bleeding out I asked for some healing but in my bewildered state dirty dale ended up acting faster and poured it down my throat, thinking that was the right choice as i caught my breath I drank another. As Shen held the door closed I helped and as I came to my senses as to everything that happened Dirty Dale was already heading down the chute to save the dwarf Nyquil as we heard sounds of battle below.

    Once everyone was back up top we had the dwarves guard the door while the rest of us peppered them with arrows and slings. The cavemen started dropping like flies to either Iron swords or arrows. After the dust settled we saw a small fire in the middle and the smoke venting out through the top. Beyond we saw 2 doors leaving the area, this seemed to be some sort of barracks. As we almost left the room we searched around to find 2000e and 1000g.

  2. With the harpies silenced and the treasure bagged Shen sat enjoying a smoke. It was good to be alive. He was working on blowing smoke rings when suddenly he found himself in the sacred grove of the high priest Talltrees. Shen looked at his pipe and began to wonder if Smokey had laced the tobacco with strange herbs when Talltrees spoke. "Choose your path." Carefully Shen replied "My Lord, I choose to follow the ways of the Druids." "So be it" announced Talltrees. He handed Shen a hornwood staff. "Continue your fight against the 3 gods of chaos. Do not let them usher in the age of worms . Keep the balance!" Shen was about to ask how, and if Talltrees knew anything about the red pearl but the vision faded. In his hands was the horwood staff. Hmmm. Maybe that tobacco wasn't laced with strange herbs afterall.

  3. Searching with me companions we found a secret door that funny clothes must have used. Blood from his wounds wet the Stone. After a dark tunnel another door was found in tween 2 passages. Readied with bows and slings we open the door to attack but the blasted thing was trapped and the floor gave way below us. Separated from me group and the wind knocked from me chest I look around to see I'm in a blasted pit. As I started to get to me feet and call out above 3 skeletons rose to oppose me. Ha! This Son of Stone met em head on, connecting with er'y swing of me axe save one. Making me way to the top with a bit of help from the quite lad, I rejoin the party to fight some tall ugly folk with clubs. Outnumbered with wounds amoung us we fight hard till the last of em fall and the treasure is found!