Thursday, February 9, 2023

Session 17 - The Cairn of the Red Pearl (Part 3)

  CY 625

Patchwell 27
Early afternoon 
Clear skies

Inside the Cairn

Face to face game at GAME EMPIRE

Dirty Dale
The dwarves
And Return of Jose the Magic-User

The Grimlocks worshiping some foul idol lead by a shaman

The spiral stairway down

The Harpy Island 

and what to do with 10000 cp?


  1. After the quiet lad lost his lunch we seen a host of spearmen with a lad in funny clothes. Funny clothes stayed in the back to let the others attack us so I shot the bloke twice before running to help me Stone brother. Arrows and sling bullets sung around me head as we fell the rest but funny clothes got away. The treasures we found made the blood sweeter but we need to cart it all out somehow. Moving onward we descend into the Stone to find a large cavern with a lake and river. There we got attacked by hideous human women with wings, the thought of their screams and faces haunts this dwarf. Hard fought but we won and found more coin. Got a wee bit o' blood on me but as me Gran says "It ain't worth doin if ya don't hurt a little" and "The Stone don't bleed"

  2. Stone carefully picked the ashes out of his pipe, repacked it full of tobacco and used the embers of the prior bowl to continue smoking with little if any, delay. While he was not particularly nauseated by the smell of carrion, neither did he enjoy it all that much either. Both Dirty Dale and Cleric Shen had to be suffering still from the death song of the harpies to not be able to smell the stench. A simple examination of the bones showed they had been gnawed open to have the marrow eaten. "Quite a feast , indeed." It had been a close run on that one. They might not have been able to find those two if he hadn't remembered his grandfather's story about making a canoe out of a giant mushroom top.

    Stone made sure to blow the smoke around to obscure him from the evil, chaotic gods that were his bane. The Oracle had prophesied that he would do great things of great consequence. Hextor and Erythnul would see him as a thorn in their sides and would try to thwart his destiny. But smoke would hide and obscure him from their malevolent gaze. May all the gods rot their chaotic ways! The Raven will triumph over the Vulture!

    The whole adventure had been one of tremendous interest, They had managed to get access to the temple rumored to have the Red Pearl and to defeat the massive horde of grimlocks guarding their idol. The Chaotic Priest had managed to slip away in spite of their best efforts, and now they faced a choice. They could follow the trail into the underdark or retrace back to the stairs and see if they had missed a possible bolt hole.

    There were still some unanswered questions. Who had supplied the chaotic ones with all that copper? Given that all of the mines produced a good deal of copper it seemed logical to assume there was a connection to the mines or mine owners, which was an ominous thought. We needed more information.