Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Session 12 - One week later

 Patchwell 26


Warm / Clear

Meeting with Smenk who asks for help getting rid of the Ebon Triad cult. Allustan and Filge are there too.

The group sneaks into the mine under the cover of darkness. And enter the elevator to the temple level

Two demonic guards are on duty at the temple entrance.

The group go to the east corridor (Hextor Temple) and fight a group of 10 Skeletons in plate armor.


  1. Well, we certainly hit the trifecta. The wicked lich Vecna, the equally cruel Hextor and the god of slaughter Erythnul. Senegal looked at the jewelry that had been fashioned into a holy symbol. It appears they are well funded he thought.
    They had managed to bluff their way into the complex, bypassing the dwarf guards and finding a secret way down into the temple complex. But there had to be a point when they met an enemy that had no pleasantries to offer, only a cruel death. So here we are. Two demons armed with both melee and missile weapons and ten heavily armored skeletons had left them exhausted. It raised the question, onward or return home?

  2. Aren’t the characters supposed to have the goading feat, not the DM?