Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Session 16 - The Cairn of the Red Pearl (Part 2)

 CY 625

Patchwell 27
Early afternoon 
Clear skies

Inside the Cairn

Dirty Dale
The dwarves

Rust monster encounter

Diving in the pool

More exploration. 


  1. Flynn: turning the corner we see some large monsters (compared to a halfling) around the corner. Running with weapons drawn we warn the group and hope to close them off in the hallway and shut the door. As we fight these large armadillo like creatures unable to close them off in the hallway they follow us into the large room. After exchanging a few blows their long tentacles strike my armor dissolving it, fearing for my life I try to flee as it strikes my shield, dissolving that too. After some talk among the group, or rather colplete silence I open my loud mouth and get nominated to go down the warm steamy water. In the clear 12 ft deep water I find a wooden box and strigle to lift it I tug on the rope and they pull me up. After the thief is able to open the lock we find Inside we find 5000gp. Paying the thief the 200g gems as a fee for opening it we split the rest of the gold. Further down the water tunnel it opens into a wide green domed room and passage, strange purple fauna illuminate the room and it has raised sides thru the tunnel much like a sewer. Seeing nothing of immediate danger or value I head back up pulling to the rope again to signal to them to pull me up. Wearing no armor I am loaned a shield from a very hospitable dwarf, this will be remembered and I will gladly offer him a potion if he ever needs one, I continue down the hall letting the other dwarf lead. As we come across 4 more doors and behind it a Marble Statue of a Man holding a shield, and spear with a shortsword strapped to his hip. The dwarves figure out that statue can be moved away and I start stripping down again keeping my silver dagger strapped on to use as a diving knife if needed. Down below I go deeper than before, almost 30 feet as I run out of breath feeling around in the dark water i find 2 passages and a ring. I quickly put it on so i don't drop it as i feel my breath leave my lungs I pass out. Coming too everyones standing around me, my senses spinning as i almost died i hold my hand up looking at the ring. moments later everyone is rushing towards the door and attacking I quickly grab my shield from the pile of stuff on the floor and ready my dagger. The rest of the party quickly dispatches a large centipede almost 2 feet long. As I regather my gear again we head towards the next door. it opens into a long hallway, as we walk down this one lit like the one at the opening of the cairn we get to another set of double doors. The take some force to open and when we do we all start coughing as some gas enters the hallway, Dirtly Dale starts puking as whatever it was hit him harder. We see a large room 60 feet across lit by our lanterns that continues into darkness more than 30 feet in front of us. What did we walk into...

  2. Shen let loose a stone from his well used sling. The stone ricocheted off the floor and cracked into the back wall missing the armor eating reptilian rust monster by at least 10 feet. Not my finest hour thought Shen but at least the dwarf Smokey had skewered the beast. Shen let loose a second stone. It hit the ceiling and dropped harmlessly to the stone floor. Damn! he cursed, another miss. There has got to be a better way and he was the wayfinder. Shen grabbed his shillelagh and charged into battle. Like the sling, his attacks against such a well armored foe proved ineffectual. The beast in contrast had managed to wrap its puckered tenticles around Shen's midriff and turned his armor into powder. Fortunately as is so often the case in nature, Shen's futile attacks were balanced by Smokey's savage spear thrusts and the beast went down. Nature's gods thought Shen had further balanced the scales. Shen's bad luck was offset by Flynnric's discovery of 5000gp.

  3. Aha! We beat the dirty buggers! Sons of Stone don't run from a fight but when I saw those skinny lads armour fall to dust this dwarf kept his distance! Me axe yearned to sing but it had to stay on me belt. The lads found some tunnels with a wee bit of lichen after I moved a giant of a man made of marble with hairless nipples on his chest plate. Strange sights indeed. There's a quite human that's handy with tools and a bow but I seen his insides at the slight smell of shite! Other than that the overall fortitude of this party is strong. Not many would venture on with just his bullocks to stop a blade! Gold has been found and blood has drained unto the Stone!