Thursday, March 9, 2023

Session 20 - The Cairn of the Red Pearl (Part 6)

  CY 625

Patchwell 27

Inside the Cairn

Dirty Dale (Absent)
The dwarves
Bob Helios (M-U)
Tangerine Dean

The group is sleepwalking. They have been wandering for hours. They look for a place to rest.

Ambushed by Kobolds

Attacked by a Large Snake

Our group will try to rest barricading the snakes lair.

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  1. Stone be damned! We can't find our blasted way outta here and provisions run low. Twisting to and fro in these corridors we split momentarily only to be ambushed by hideous wee buggers! Standing 4 feet off the ground on a ledge they were just outta me swinging range yet me hammer yearned for a good kill. I shoot me crossbow into the hordes and me companions attack as well. Getting a leak or two in me I stand a bit weaker round tha knees but we fell the buggers eventually and I lug myself up the ledge. We then find ourselves in an outright dead-end with a big ol snake front of us! Ha no snake will defeat us! We ate the bastard and slept in his lair!