Thursday, March 16, 2023

Session 21 - The Cairn of the Red Pearl (Part 7)

   CY 625

Patchwell 28

Inside the Cairn

Dirty Dale 
Flynt (Absent)
The dwarves
Bob Helios (M-U) (Absent)
Tangerine Dean (Absent)

The dwarves perish when confronted by Smaug the terrible

The Cleric dies because he is greedy and harvests the wrong scale.

Death by lizard!

As the adventurers entered the dimly-lit cavern, they were immediately hit with the acrid smell of sulfur and smoke. The ground beneath their feet was hot and the walls were covered in soot. Heavy breathing can be heard.

Dirty Dale lights a torch and moves forward to scout out the area. He tries to move quietly and kicks a loose pile of coins, making a horrible echoing noise. Looking to the left is a huge dragon resting on a large pile of coins and treasure.

Before the thief can do anything the dragons blows a cone of fire his way. He drops the torch and dodges out of the way.

The group gathers themselves and parlays with the dragon. The charismatic cleric musters the nerve to go into the lair and speak with him. After some banter back and forth, the remaining party members make a desperate rush at the dragon.

The party was determined, and after a long and grueling fight, they finally managed to slay the dragon with the help of a poisoned arrow from Dirty Dale.

Smokey and Nyquil lay dead. The cleric dies while trying to harvest scales.

Dirty Dale manages to bring all the treasure and dead party members back to town for resurrection.

The episode ends with a stiff drink in the local tavern.

Note: The Dwarves and The Cleric are raised on Patchwell 28 and
Ready'reat 1 & 2

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  1. Rested and fed full o' snake we awaken to start our trek again. These damned cracks and crevices lead to nowhere me thinks but all we can do is walk. Much of our oil and supplies are drying up and me can't stand much more o' this! Eventually we come to a point where me feels the need to wander ahead o'bit and sure enough I finds an evil that can't be named! I go and tell me mates about the dread round the way so Dale can slink up and get a peak. Stepping on a coin the nimble thief is seen by the dragon and after a moment o' time fire filled the corridors! Shen heals Dale an me then starts to parley with the reptile. All the whiles, Dale applies poison to his magical arrows. After the talking seems to go nowhere but how we may be eaten Dale and I run to action with Shen and Smokey in tow! Arrows flew and I hit the beast mightily with me hammer twice! Alas, after watching me Stone Brother fall next to me I too met me death.