Thursday, March 23, 2023

Session 22 - The Storm before the Calm


Ready'reat 4
Assassination attempt

Ready'reat 15
The group decides to head to the back entrance to the Cairn of the Red Pearl and confront the assassin.
Dirty Dale falls from DRAGON BREATH
Senegal The Burned takes his body to the Blessed Church of St. Cuthbert and makes a deal to raise his friend.

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  1. I wake with a scream like a babe and find meself not front o' that dragon but looking at clergy folk! The sounds of chanting half drown by construction pound round me ears as I lift me head just ta fall asleep...
    Eventually when I can stand I hear of the events front while I lay in recovery. The quiet lad, Dirty Dale, killed the dragon! We had time to rest and chat cuz bless the Stone it just stormed outside and the wind wailed like a sow for weeks! After a bit o' ale and some food I go to me room at the inn one night, like other nights. This night however I hear a thump from Smokeys room and I goes ta see. Laying in his bedclothes was the lad with a wee arrow in his hand! Before I know it I suffer the same fate seeing a funny demon faced man as I fall...more rest
    Dale tells us this assasin may be a dragon itself and was headed towards the mouth of the cave we were at just weeks ago! The party resupplied and headed out to investigate. We were right, and the blasted thing made us run fer our lives after he took Dirty Dale's! Getting his body to the church o' gold was easy. The elf handing over a funny magic book looked hard the end we made it out again. But the dragon or dragons still lurk in the shadows and our memories. As me gran used ta say "The only good loose end is a wet one"...