Thursday, May 4, 2023

Session 26 - The Caverns of Erythnul (pt 2)

 Ready'reat 15

Erythnul is the Oeridian god of hate, envy, malice, panic, ugliness, and slaughter

The adventurers continue thru the caverns.

They are ambushed by 2 grimlocks. Nyquil throwns oil at them to make them retreat.

Guard quarters

6 Cavemen


200gp Jade Statue
50gp coins

150gp in 3 garnets

100gp necklace

Grimlock Chieftain eating hallucination fungus


4 rubies = 100gp

150 gp in pouch

Statue of a drow worth 450gp

chainmail +1


  1. Traveling through the Stone herself we reach a steep grade that led to 2 foes. I was in the front with the thief behind me with a torch. With only one hand to work with and pointy tips coming down at me face I quick threw an oil flask at the buggers. Right then the torch hit the bastards and set 'em a flame! And to top her off the halflings sent an arrow from below! Not too much later we find ourselves looking at a whole group o' the buggers half hid behind a turned table. We all take our positions and start to send missiles at the foes and then we set 'em all o'blaze! It was a sight to behold! And so were the spoils. Little did we know a worse threat was ahead. We found a mighty berserker and all me heart could do was sing fer joy! This was the type of battle they can sing about! I'm engaged with him straight away but that let the thief sneak to his back and the halflings take aim from their places. After a mean fight we leave the bloody bastard in the pile of his own trophies and find even more loot! Now we need to find some ale!

  2. The party let me take the Drow Statue. Drow cultist will pay handsomely for this! That berserker was strong but with all of us against him he had no chance. With all this loot I can now be called a Footpad.