Thursday, May 11, 2023

Session 27 - The temple of Erythnul

Ready'reat 15

The group destroys the Erythnul chieftain.

The aspect of the Ebon Triad attacks Diamond Lake


  1. Venturing onwards we come to what the cleric supposes is a ritual being performed. A creature forsaken by all the gods an the Stone herself was atop a pillar with a fire and 3 masked figures. We all take different approaches to the situation, the thief hides, the halfling sends arrows and the cleric watches things unfold as I launch oil at the unholy group below. After things looked serious we all but the halfling rushed the enemies while he stay back and launched his arrows for our cover. The ugly bugger was casting all sorts of spells and was slicker than moss on a rock. The henchmen stood a bit more still and were nice enough to let me hit em with me hammer! We eventually defeated the guards and all jumped the skinny bugger. By the end of it we was left with a mess of blood gold and treasures!
    But we weren't done just yet...
    On our way out of this Stone damned temple we encounter a horror of unimaginable terror!
    As we ran to town to warn the church there were cries of fear and death in the distance. The Eben Triad seemed to have won.

  2. A nasty end. What next? The Worms are coming. We are not ready. We can make those responsible for them pay. The daggers are still useless but I'm getting better with the sword. Actually hit the Evil High Priest.