Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Session 29 - Journey to Blackwall Keep

 Sunsebb 1 & 2

Overcast, cold and no precipitation

The Players:

Slip the Staggering Jr,
Flynic Fastblack
Tangerine Dean
Pious Peter

Bob Helios
Bojen Meyers

Allustan brings the group together to explain he needs to get to Blackwall Keep to consult with the battle mage Marzena. She has some information about green worm-like creatures found in the Cairn Hills.

The journey takes 2 days where they pay the toll to a group of bandits to pass along the south road.

When they come to the keep it is under attack by Lizardmen. Allustan dimension doors into the keep to find out that Marzena and several guards have been taken by the Bone tree tribe. Bob Helios uses his crystal ball to confirm she is in danger.

Our group does battle with the lizardmen troops. Several squads are killed by sheer strength and the aid of a catapult. The garrison in the keep cheers our hero's on in battle.


  1. When Wizards are in Love or something like that. We got a job to escort the town Wizard over to see his crush the Battle Mage at the frontier keep. We heard some Wyrms have been sighted in the swamp and the Lizard People are active again. When we get there, we see them attacking and setting up a catapult. The Wizard waste no time in teleporting away. We have to fight them. I killed one but took many wounds. I think we won the battle. We are all alive. I have a feeling there will be more Lizard Men returning soon.

  2. Just want to post this link to a blog with a list of skills all BECMI Characters have
    go thru and make sure. Maybee we should post something like that here - Official list of all character skills
    another blog on the same subject