Thursday, July 6, 2023

Session 30 - To the Lizardmens Lair

Sunsebb 2
Overcast, cold and no precipitation
The Players:
Flynic Fastblack
Bob Helios
Bojen Meyers
Nyquil the Dwarf

Leaving Blackwell Keep the group tracks the lizardmen through the Mistmarsh.
 The group tracks thru the night with the dwarf in the lead.

The morning comes and the are attacked by a cocktrice who turns Bob Helios into stone.

The group finds the Lizardman lair and ventures inside right into the nest of 2 Harpies.

1 comment:

  1. Just call me Ranger Rick! Who can track the Lizardmen? Bojen can. Was even going to try to make fried chicken. They said no it's not a chicken. For some reason our Magic User is stiff and not talking. At least he can hold a torch.