Saturday, January 14, 2023

Session 13 - The Secret Temple of Hextor

 Patchwell 26


Note: Since the Thursday game was cancelled we had an make-up game Saturday Night. 



Dirty Dale

Hex Bloodmoon

Blood Fang



And a possible BIG Guy at the end!!!

"Who are you? And, why do you unlawfully trespass into the UNHOLY temple of the MIGHTY HEXTOR?"

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  1. "Still Alive, Still Alive, Still Alive" mumbled Hex as his hands began to shape. He thought he was dead for sure when those demon spawned priests turned Hex's world into darkness. Outnumbered two to one he would have seen his life flash before his eyes if he had not been blinded by the absence of light. Thank the moon Fangblood jumped into the fray brandishing his bloody axe. He felled the demon spawn that drove the light out of Hex's world. Once again able to see, Hex drove his blade death rattle into his remaining foe which sprayed a fountian of blood over the leggings of Bloodfang's armor. While gasping for breath Hex heard the booming voice of Theldrick shout "Who are you? and why do you unlawfully trespass into the Unholy temple of the mighty Hextor?" Hex immediately thought of three answers. One to end the human sacrifice. Two to rid the world of a demonic priesthood that hides in caves. Three, to prevent 3 really nasty gods from uniting into one really super nasty god. Then, Hex thought better of answering what was obviously a rhetorical question and used the extra time to run.