Thursday, January 19, 2023

Session 14: Theldrick and the "almost" TPK

  Patchwell 26

CY 625

The group gets ambushed by the cultist of Hextor
During the excusrion they (the remaining 2) find the following excerys from Thaldricks journal and a cryptic book that speaks of the coming of the AGE OF WORMS and needs to be translated.


  1. Hex took flight on a steed of ethereal moonlight and soared towards the moon. Escorting him were 12 maidens of incredible beauty. Their coy smiles would have made his heart leap if his heart still beat. Perhaps death would not be as unpleasant a prospect as he once imagined. His soul felt at peace. No more worrying if he was the chosen one of the moon. No more trembling hands. No more anxiety and nightmares. He could finally rest. The journey was swift and the moon grew larger and larger. He grew teary eyed as the faint music of the spheres filled him with a joy born of peace and %*$$###@@??? Hex's body spasmed. He coughed, wretched, and rolled onto his side. Pain wracked his body and his lungs were on fire. As his eyes flicked open, the 12 maidens who had made his heart leap were gone. In their place were 12 priests who made his heart beat. "Still alive, Still Alive, Still Alive" whispered Hex before all went black.

  2. The battle faded and the familiar creep of death throbbed its way into focus. Then the also familiar feeling of being trampled and hungover slid into focus as Bloodfang adjusted his eyes only to see his armor being worn by that presumptuous priest he swore an oath to himself to get his atmor back...

    1. Back in town nursing himself Bloodfang starts to clean and carve the demon horn