Thursday, January 26, 2023

Session 15 - The Cairn of the Red Pearl (Part 1)

CY 625
Patchwell 27
Early afternoon 
Clear skies

Note : Cleric of St. Cuthbert casts raise dead on Senegal the Burnt. He will be bed ridden, recovering until CY 625 Ready'reat 13.
Two groups meet the next morning to Journey to the Cairn of the Red Pearl

We travel south from Diamond lake thru the swamps to the entrance.
Agents of the Hextor Cult are trying to get into the cairn using labor from Diamond Lake.
Our group kills them and enters the cairn.
They travel down a long hallway to a room with a fountain.
After further investigation the group hears strange noises from the side doors.

Lets see what happens next week.

XP Awarded for each 150


  1. Hammer sauntered into the town of Diamond Lake. He was tired of living on squirrel, rabbit, and other game he downed with his trusty sling. His purse was also a bit light and towns usually offered remedies to this condition. Outside of the feral dog tavern Hammer spotted two dwarves at a notice board. Well thought Hammer, they say dwarves can smell gold so I must be at the right place. As he approached the dwarves he noticed two hobbits and Human who were whispering among themselves. Odd company. Looks like they may need one more human to form a party of three pairs. Two dwarves, two hobbits and two humans. Seems like a good omen based upon a balance of the races just like the balances found in nature. The symmetry appealed to the young priest.

    1. Everyone, let's welcome Hammer from Verbobonc.

  2. Nyquil has traveled far in search of gold and glory and ...... gold. Each stop led to the next with nothing of promiss until he heard of a town. Not a city but a mere spot on the map where adventurers and sellswords alike have been steadily funneled toward. This was something, this was a place where a fortune and a name can be forged. Now all i need is to get there, get drunk , and let the ale pull me towards destiny!