Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Expanded BECMI Classes - "The Acrobat / The Assassin"



  1. Some other Races I have done in the past
    Of all the Feline People only the Catians are left of the civilized ones. Rakasta still exist but only the Wild Chaotic Kind.

    Catian – Cat Ears – Mandatory, Tail Mandatory, Cat Teeth Mandatory, May only have partial fur covering, Retractable Cat Claws – Mandatory. The face appears as a cross of human and cat. Famous for being the originators of the Bard Class. A very ancient race they do not like living in cities for more than a few weeks at a time. Tolerated by most civilized society for their ancient aggression towards Lycanthophy Creatures. Particularly Wererats. No more than 2 per game group.
    The claws act as daggers in combat. Can strike as Silver Weapons Level 1-3, +1 Daggers Level 4-7, +2 Daggers Level 8-11, and +3 Daggers Level 12+. Catians always land on their feet – take ½ fall damage if saving throw made ¼ damage.
    Create same as Elf except instead of MU Spells - Illusionist Spells - extra xp cost of 20% penalty. If a Catian sees a Lycathropy / Were creature roll save vs Stone / Paralysis or go Berserk as a Beserker.

    Fox Hume – Fox Ears – Mandatory, Big Fluffy Tail – Mandatory, Fox Teeth Mandatory, May only have partial fox Fur. The face appears as a cross of human and fox. Available Class Witch / Warlock. They are most famous as being descended from the forbidden love of an Amazon Queen and a Fox Faerie King. Common knowledge in Civilized Lands that they are in contact with the Fey Lords and Serve the Fey Court. Patron / god must be High Ranking Fey Lord / Lady. No more than 1 per game group. Extremely rare and dying race. Most of the Fey have left the world. - Level as Elf but MU / Cleric and god = Fey Patron. Xp penalty / additional cost of 25%. - Note unable to surprise opponents without magical aid. These creatures' reek of fae magic. In addition, suffers penalties for dealing with villager / town folks - Old people and children will point and say WITCH! Ranger's joke of them being extremely easy to track. Any character / NPC attempting to track gains +1.

  2. Since this is the world of greyhawk setting I am going to stick with the standard races: Human / Elf / Dwarf / Hobbit / Gnome / Orc