Thursday, July 27, 2023

Session 32 - Lair of the Twisted Branch Tribe - the Lieutenant

 Sunsebb 2

Overcast, cold and no precipitation

Our group continues down the corridor
Into another chamber they are met by the lieutenant and his mate.
Two captives from Blackwall keep are rescued.
Bob Helios is bitten by an animated snake where he extracts a familiar green worm from.

Pious Peter removes a amulet from the lieutenant which is of interest.


  1. Bob the Wizard went nuts. He fought an undead snake and rescued two prisoners. Who knew Wizards would do that? We found some gold. The Cleric is demon possessed. The only reason I can think of why he is hoarding and protecting the Lizard Man Amulet. It just may end up at a pawn broker when we get back to town. I'm not saying who is going to take it there. Fighting the big boss LIzardman was tough work. Several nearly died.

  2. Here is hoping for the rest of the party reads this blog and we can make profit instead of fertilizer out everything we meet.