Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Expanded BECMI Classes - "Half Elf / Half Orc / Eastern Monk / Paladin / Ranger"


Coming Soon - Illusionist / Gnome / Witch


  1. How about a Witch Hunter? - Witch Hunter Character Class (Cleric / Thief) HD is as Elf
    Level XP and Saving Throws are the same as Elf just add in the 10% extra cost to level up. Cleric Spell progression is the same as the Cleric Class. Just can use small blades. Thief abilities. Additionally, the Witch Hunter can sense a Witch or Evil MU up to 250' away on a 4in6. Demons & Devils 3in6. Undead and Lycanthropes 2in6. Witch Hunters get a +1 when fighting Witches, Undead, Lycanthropes, Demons, & Devils.