Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Session 31 - Lair of the Twisted Branch Tribe

 Sunsebb 2

Overcast, cold and no precipitation

The Players:

Flynic Fastblack
Tangerine Dean
Pious Peter
Nyquil the Dwarf
Bob Helios
Bojen Meyers

Lizardmen Shaman
Trash eating Otyugh

From the Nyquil the Dwarf
It's not letting me post so here's nyquils journal entry....
After meeting up with me ol' mates we crept through the roots of the giant trees. The ogre and me went first and we encountered a group o' lizardmen. Once the skinny lads from the rear caught up we done enough damage to make em flee. Next we found room with more o' the buggers plus a lady shaman ready to cast some foul magic im sure so I ran to shut her mouth with me hammer. In the end she was the last left and when she fell one o' the worms crawled out her nose hole. Allustan came and fixed our mage friend who was paler and more quiet than usual in his stone state. Then he used his magic ball to see the lady mage captured in another room yet to be found. Looking for mushrooms in the trash some o' the boys got jumped by a monster of horror. I shot from a distance and the group of us took it down eventually. Now we search for more blood and gold and the lady mage.

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